Benefits of Compression Therapy

  • Reduces tissue swelling
  • Softening of skin changes
  • Narrowing of veins
  • Improves venous flow
  • Shift of venous blood into the deep veins
  • Reduces venous insufficiency
  • Improves micro-circulation in leg
  • Improved lymphatic drainage

Welcome to Ista Healthcare

Ista health care is a fully integrated medical manufacturer based in Coimbatore, India. Ista Healthcare specialises in manufacturing medical compression Hosiery using the latest state-of-the-art textile technology.
Our products are designed and crafted by expert medical product designers. From the initial design, prototype development, to manufacturing and quality assurance, Ista Healthcare takes a “patient centric approach” for a better fit and improved clinical efficacy.
Ista Healthcare was founded in 2012 and after an in depth and thorough R&D and closely working with leading doctors, healthcare professionals & numerous patients / conditions, Ista Healthcare has created “Proveno – Medical Hosiery” – Technically advanced Compression Therapy Products.

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