Graduated Compression Therapy and Benefits

Proveno compression stockings are made with graduated compression which delivers strong compression at ankle and gradually reducing up the limb. This improves the blood circulation in the lower extremities and prevents blood clots in the vein valves. Medical compression stockings are classified according to different compression classes based on the pressure levels they exert on the limbs.

Graduated compression Therapy is an effective treatment for various venous and lymphatic disorders. These stockings squeeze the surface veins, keeping their diameter small and forcing the blood into the deep vein system.

Benefits of PROVENO Medical Stockings:

  • Reduces tissue swelling
  • Softening of skin changes
  • Narrowing of veins
  • Improves venous flow
  • Shift of venous blood into the deep veins
  • Reduces venous insufficiency
  • Improved micro-circulation in leg
  • Improved lymphatic drainage