Lymphoedema Stocking System

PROVENO Lymphoedema stocking system is a multilayer compression system used for superior treatment and management of chronic oedema in the lower limbs. PROVENO Lymphoedema stocking system provides adequate compression needed to encourage blood flow up the leg and the fabric has been especially designed to help stop legs swelling. This system is ideal for patients with swelling below the knee and legs with some changes in shape.

Two stockings are worn one on top of the other. One 10mmHg inner liner followed by a PROVENO Class II compression stocking over the top.

  • Available sizes: M, L, XL and XXL.
  • Toe Style– closed toe – Inner liner & Open Toe – Outer Class II stocking
  • Colour – White – Inner Liner & Skin colour – Outer Class II stocking

Size Chart